• P 1,190.00

    Remove impurities with deeply purifying Glow Mud Cleanser, gently exfoliate and brighten with famous Glow Tonic, and detoxify with Glow Mud Mask – getting that signature Pixi glow has never been easier!

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    P 1,750.00 P 2,630.00
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    Bath Cream: Work up a lather, using a loofah, sponge or your hands and apply onto wet skin and rinse thoroughly.

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    Apply on the skin, blend and stipple using a brush, sponge or clean fingers. For an airbrushed finish, use the Ofra Perfecting Puff which blends any makeup product like a dream!

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    Eyes: Use a fluffy brush to dust one of the "eyelid hues" onto lid. Take one of the "crease shadows" and add to the crease, outer corner, and lower lash line. Use a liner brush (dampen if you want more intense colour) to trace upper lash line with one of the "eye liners" shades. Finish off eyes by applying one of the "highlights" hues to inner corner of...

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  • P 1,800.00

    Define eyes and brows by sweeping shade over lids, line the lash line, contour creases, highlight center of lid and to fill in brows. Buff a blush shade onto apples of cheeks. Dust a highlighting shade onto cheekbones, bow of lip, and inner corners of eyes.

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  • P 3,800.00

    Thirstycleanseâ„¢ Daily Hydrating Cleanser -Apply one to two pumps to hands, adding water and vigorously rub hands together to create foaming lather. -Apply to face and massage over skin. Rinse. -Continue adding water to increase foaming lather. -Avoid eye area. Precautions: -Not to be used as a mask. -Avoid contact with eyes. If product touches eye, rinse...

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    Apply bush and lightly contour the cheeks and your features using the matte  bronzer and highlight your features using shimmery bronze for a glowing sunkissed look.   Mix and match eye shadow colors to define those peepers and make them pop!

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