• P 129.00

    Tap and blend corrector on discolored areas/pigmentation and cover with a concealer that matches your skin tone. 

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    P 129.00
  • P 199.00

    tap on to blemishes and dark circles and blend. For more coverage, let it sit for a minute before blending.

    More shades available
    P 199.00
  • P 899.00

    Twist bottom of the pen a few times to deliver formula up into applicator. Next, carefully smooth primer over clean lids & up to brow bone. Blend until you have an even layer & let set a few seconds before applying shadow.

    P 899.00
  • P 740.00

    This is 10-hour sleep in a jar. Use it as full cover camouflage cream under and around the eye area, around the mouth and anywhere you see darkness. The peach nude colour blends magically into any skin tone for a brightening effect.

    P 740.00
  • P 640.00

    Dot onto skin and use a gentle patting motion to blend. Wear on top of Correction Concentrate for the ultimate dark circle camouflage!

    P 640.00
  • P 1,050.00

    Use a brush, sponge or clean fingers to apply product on your face. You may also use a spatula to get some product and mix and match shades to customize.

    P 1,050.00
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